Patrick Venzke, Jacksonville, Florida

As a Professional NFL Football Player I recieved a serious injury and while going thru rehab, I used Commit to be Fits Inc. Dietary Supplement & Sports Nutritional consulting services. I was able to recover faster and broke all previous personal trainnig records while getting ready to go back to playing Football. I recommend their services to any athlete who wants to improve their performance and recovery process.

Diane Spindler , PhD, ND, on the benefits of the DietMaster Pro Menu software used by Commit to be Fit to design custom weight management programs.

Based on my professional experience and qualifications, I find these menus provide a nutritious and well-balanced diet for individuals concerned with weight control and overall health. An added benefit to these menus is that they are tailored to individual diet preferences and needs.

Greg Ducharme, Jacksonville, FL

When I used Tony Iaquinto's customized Fitness and Weight Management Programs, in four months I lost over 60 pounds, and 8 inches off of my waist, and I've never felt better. I recommend their services to anyone who wants to improve their overall health.

Gerald Freeman, Jacksonville, FL
By staying on the program, I lost over 25 pounds in just 90 days and basically got my health back.

Joe Bousquet, Starke, Florida
Tony's advice motivated me to make changes in my lifestyle. I've lost weight and feel so much better. I urge everyone to do the same..

Gerald Freeman, Jacksonville, FL
By staying on the program, I lost over 25 pounds in just 90 days and basically got my health back.

Wes Plympton, General Manager of Florida Health Foods, Jacksonville Florida
Since we started offering Tony Iaquinto's services to our customers, they reported it has helped them lose weight, and more importantly change their approach on health and wellness. We will continue to promote their services.

Paula Clayton, Jacksonville, Florida
I started out to lose just a few dress sizes, what I ended up doing was making a lifestyle change. This was not easy for me, but their programs and counseling enable me to do it. Anyone who wants to Commit To Be Fit should give them a call.

Todd L Cole, Owner of Health Shoppe, Jacksonville, Florida
Tony's dedication to giving my customers proper guidance on nutrition and exercise has made a positive influence on their lives. I would strongly recommend his services to everyone interested in improving their will being.

Margie Murphy, Jacksonville, Florida
Dear Tony, I just want to thank you for the help you have given me in achieving my health goal. With your assistance, I have successfully lost a considerable amount of body fat and you have help me start a diet regiment which finally, after taking so many different routes, gives me results. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Dr. Robert DeVincentis, Jacksonville, Florida - Intracoastal Chiropractic Clinic
As a former bodybuilder Mr. Atlanta and Mr. Georgia and now a Chiropractic Sports Physician, I recommend Commit to be Fit, Inc. services and their nutritional products to my patients who want to learn how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Byron A. Gast, Manager of GNC, Jacksonville, Florida
I recommend Tony Iaquinto's services to all of our customers. There customized programs have allowed them to lose weight and more notably improved their overall health. Anyone interested in doing the same should give them a call!

Benny W. Davis, Ed. D., Florida State Time Trials Champion - Master Division
Tony, I can't thank you enough for the guidance you provided to me in achieving my goal of gaining weight without increasing my body fat. That was no easy task since I was starting with a body fat of 7.5%. Six months and eight pounds later, my body fat was 7.7%. You encouragement, nutritious meal plan and weight training program did the trick. I intend to continue with your program as I begin to prepare for next years time trials. I would recommend your program to anyone who is serious about his or her weigh, energy and general well being.

Tony Apple (First Round Winner), North Carolina - "The Winner" - Lost a remarkable "33.6 LBS" In Just Twelve Days
I was chosen to be in the Rock 105's Lex & Terry Fatvivor 2001 Contest. On April 16, 2001, I weighed in at 352.2 pounds to start the contest. The other four contestants and I were blessed to have Tony V. Iaquinto as our personal fitness and weight management consultant. Tony, counseled us on a daily basis about good nutrition, the proper types of food to eat, the correct amount of food for each meal, and how often we should eat each day. I am 32 years old and I have tried every type of diet out there. Nothing ever worked for me until I met Tony from Commit To Be Fit, Inc. I HIGHLY recommend Tony's services to anyone who wants to feel better about them selves and start living a more healthier life!" P.S. I lost a total of 33.6 pounds in less than 12 days and won the contest!! Thanks Tony!!

Carlos Nunez (Second Round Winner), Jacksonville, Florida "Lost 17.4 Lbs" In Just Twelve Days! "Lost 115 lbs" In one Year!
April 16, 2001 through April 27, 2001, five of us obese people entered the Lex & Terry's Fatvivor 2001 contest. Between all of us, we did lose 100 lbs. A BIG SUCCESS! I lost 17 lbs. I am diabetic & have hypertension that I control through pills. After the first week of the nutritional program by Tony V. Iaquinto and monitoring my sugar regularly I was able to discontinue my sugar pill and reduce my hypertension pills from two a day to just one a day. All this has been possible by Commit To Be Fit's customized fitness and weight management programs. I have decided to continue with my exercise and nutrition programs that Tony has established for me to control my diabetes and hypertension. I am looking to be able to eliminate all my pills. I will try to create a good exercise and nutritional habit for the rest of my life. Thanks greatly to Mr. Tony Iaquinto and his company Commit To Be Fit, Inc. Thank You Tony!"

Laura Jarrell, Lake City, Florida "Lost 16 Lbs" - In Just Twelve Days!
I recently had the opportunity to participate in the Rock 105's Fatvivor 2001 sponsored by the morning radio show with Lex and Terry that involved Commit To Be Fit, Inc. and its President Tony V. Iaquinto. Through his personalized weight management programs, he was able to formulate an individualized nutrition/diet program for each contestant. By following this program and with Tony's support and dedication, I was personally able to lose 16 lbs in twelve days! Since then, I have been able to incorporate my new outlook on health and fitness into my every day life with minimal difficulty and without alienating my family. I continue to drop the weight at an average of 1.5 to 2 lbs. per week. Not only do I look better but also I feel better. I MADE THE CHOICE TO COMMIT TO BE FIT AND IT FEELS GREAT!

Dana Richards, Augusta, Georgia "Lost 12.6 lbs" In Just Twelve Days!
When it comes to my weight, I have been on the roller coaster ride from hell for most of my life. I had problems with anorexia off and on and could never seem to lose weight and still be healthy. That is until I heard about a contest on the Rock 105's Lex and Terry Radio show. For this contest, they would pick five overweight people who they would introduce to a weight management consultant and personal trainer to try to get some discipline back in their lives. To my surprise I was fortunate enough to be picked as one of the contestants. They flew me down to Jacksonville, Florida where I was introduced to Mr. Tony Iaquinto, our Weight Management Consultant. My first thought when I met him was, "WOW, he's a walking health encyclopedia". He was exactly what I needed to get me on the right track. I always thought I already knew everything I know about health and fitness, but boy was I wrong. He was so experienced and so knowledgeable and so dedicated to our success that I don't know if I would have been as successful had he not been there. Since the contest, I have managed to overcome my problems with anorexia and I have continued to lose weight. Even though I live in Georgia, Tony has continued to keep in touch with me and is constantly offering advice and suggestions. He has definitely had a tremendous impact on my life and is someone I will never forget." Thank You, Tony!